OÜ DEKTUM EHITUS is a construction company that specialises in general construction, renovating and interior finishing works.

Our main areas of work are erecting buildings, reconstructing, expanding and renovating. The first buildings constructed by us date back to 2006. Our main office is located in Rakvere and the operation area covers Lääne-Virumaa but we also offer construction works all over Estonia. Outside Lääne-Virumaa we have finished construction works in Paide, Sillamäe and in the proximity of Tallinn. Powered by our practical experience and excellent construction practices and principles we have taken on a mission to provide our clients with quality construction services and by doing that, adding to the value of their property. We want to offer our clients quality and innovative solutions in construction. We are customer friendly and keep our compromises. Our main goal is to give our customers a service that is characterised by an optimal price-quality relationship, meeting contracting deadlines and flexible operation when meeting the needs and wishes of our clients.

Let us be your partner in finding the best construction solutions for you!

Looking forward to our cooperation,